SEO or search engine optimization strategy now becomes
widely popular among online business operators. Nothing
strange about it as it allows to substantially but increase your
gross income, as a result of growing traffic or visitors

That is why one point should be stressed out – your business
return on SEO is directly proportional to the results your
business have now. It means that SEO strategy, unlike
marketing optimization, directed to boost quantity, not
quality. If your business enjoys 1% response rate for any
action you demand, whether it is sale, subscription,
feedback or other it keeps on having similar response rate
after SEO will be accomplished, although the response will
grow in absolute numbers as a result of increasing traffic

As you see SEO is not a panacea. The highest and the most
efficient return on your SEO campaign as well as business
investment may be reached upon one condition. Only when your
current business model and marketing campaign has already
been optimized and reached high level or response rate and
efficiency, it is smart to grow your business “in quantity”.

The reason for such attitude lies within the next
speculation as well. Having inefficient business model under
conducting web-site SEO will force growing number of
visitors to turn your online business down for good. The
obvious reason is that too few people actually return to the
site once they left it for any reason, so having low
response rate will substantially decrease your SEO result!