Barelvi Tradition: The Vibrant Sufi-Inspired Branch of Sunni Islam

non-Muslims. This sparked a feud between the two movements that persists to the present day.

Ahmed Raza Khan’s Life and Contributions

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan, the founder of the Barelvi movement, was a prolific writer and scholar who dedicated his life to defending Sufi traditions and countering the influence of Wahhabism in South

Asia. Born in 1856 in British India, Ahmed Raza Khan demonstrated exceptional intellectual prowess from an early age. Under the guidance of his father, Naqi Ali Khan, he:

Established the Fatwa committee to address issues related to Islamic jurisprudence
Authored numerous books on various topics, including theology, jurisprudence, and spirituality
Founded the Jamia Rizvia, a renowned Islamic seminary in Bareilly, India
Played a key role in promoting religious tolerance and unity among Muslims in the region

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan’s contributions continue to be celebrated and his teachings are followed by millions of Barelvi Muslims around the world.

Throughout his life, Ahmed Raza Khan composed numerous literary works, including:

A 30-volume Fatwa compilation known as “Fatwa-e-Razvia”